Demon Slayer: In Japan, Fans Respect Characters More Than Their Mothers


Demon Slayer: An unusual survey conducted among anime fans in Japan revealed that participants respect Demon Slayer characters more than their own mothers. The project, which had the collaboration of more than 7,500 elementary school students, had the proposal to classify the most popular people during the year 2020 and was entitled “Who is the person you most respect in 2020? ”.

According to the result of the research, of the ten candidates for the personality of the year, seven were Demon Slayer characters, who alternated with fathers, teachers and mothers between the placements.

Interestingly, in a time of pandemic, in which so much has been said about vaccine manufacturers, health authorities, doctors and nurses, and other frontline positions in the fight against the crisis, none of them seemed to be as interesting as the demon hunters of the popular anime by Koyoharu Gotouge.

Check below the result with the ten most voted personalities in the project.

10. Muichiro Tokito
9. Zenitsu Agatsuma
8. Kyojuro Rengoku
7. Nezuko Kamado
6. Giyu Tomiok
5. Parents
4. Teachers
3. Shinobu Kocho
2. mother
1. Tanjiro Kamado

“I feel kind of bad for the parents. The fact that the mother is holding her own amidst the Kimetsu no Yaiba team is quite impressive. In other words, everyone wants to be a Hashira,” commented education company Benesse. When Yokai Watch was popular, I wonder if people respected Jibanyan. Next time, separate the real people from the 2D characters. No celebrities or athletes, huh?”

Tanjiro’s podium was justified by the hero being a symbol of leadership and inspiration, encouraging young people to always give their best. Meanwhile, second place, championed by mothers, was motivated by being a “gentle” figure who “works hard for the family” and “does a lot of things for me.” So, is it possible to say that, morally, Tanjiro took the second and first place?

Do you agree with the survey? Do you think you also mentioned a little place for Master Inosuke? Leave your opinion in the comments.