Demo of Soldat 2 Released on Steam (First Soldat Game Was Free)


One of the most popular video games of a period, Soldat returns after an 18-year hiatus. The demo of Soldat 2, bearing the signature of Transhuman Design, has been published on the digital game platform Steam as of today. Remembering those who want to do nostalgia, Steam also made the first game free.

Blended with the elements of Counter-Strike and Worms, Soldat was developed with inspiration from Liero and Scorched Earth. The 2D gun game, which was released for the Windows platform for the first time in August 2002, had a huge impact in a short time with its single player and multiplayer modes.

Developer Transhuman Design announced in the previous months that Soldat will return after a full 18-year break, and today a demo version for Soldat 2 has been released on the digital game platform Steam. Additionally, Steam offers the original Soldat to players for free, and calls on everyone to take a short nostalgia tour.

You are currently fighting artificial intelligence in demo, but in the second quarter of this year we expect to see an Early Access version that offers a variety of special modes, weapons and vehicles. While Soldat 2 will generally preserve the spirit of the original game, it will contain many innovations. Continuing to work on the game, Transhuman Design plans to release Soldat 2 at the end of 2021 at the latest.

In short, the Soldat 2 demo and the original game are now available for free on Steam. Seeing the way the game has traveled in 18 years and doing some nostalgia can be quite enjoyable nowadays when we close home due to coronavirus. You can reach the original Soldat from here, and the demo of Soldat 2 from here.


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