Demi Rose’s video that broke the record Over 2 million views!


The model was encouraged to make a recording in the street, and what was seen in the clip, left everyone surprised.

Once again, Demi Rose is on everyone’s lips for one of her social media posts, this time, for a particular video she shot in public.

True to her sexy, sweeping and uninhibited style, the model surprised her followers again with a high-flying recording, in which not only did she attract attention.

The British has been traveling for several months in different parts of the world, showing off her charms from here to there, and in order not to leave her followers out of her experiences, she shares her best postcards and audiovisuals on the web.

The truth is that Demi has not given a single day of respite to her fans, she continues to shake the networks with her high-voltage publications, in which virtually no one knows what she has left to teach.

In the same way, she always manages to surprise them with something new, where it is discovered that she can attract attention by showing her incredible silhouette in an original way.

On this occasion, Rose shared from her Instagram account, a video that in a matter of minutes had already been watched by more than 2 million users.

“I’m sorry, your boyfriend is watching …”, wrote the influencer next to the clip, where she is seen climbing very sexy stairs in public, with a particular outfit, which barely covered the important, and let it be noticed that underneath she was not wearing underwear. In a moment, you see a couple sitting next to you, and the man can’t help looking at her, that’s why she placed that comment in her post.


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