Demi Rose surprises everyone with a dress in which she looks more than the bill


The colorful charm that Demi Rose brings to this heavenly place is priceless. It is presented using a dress totally adjusted to your body, with a very special touch to be multicolored. This characteristic makes the curves of the model stand out even more and acquires a greater dimension, something with which its followers are pleased.

The exuberant British, as usual, has chosen an exceptional place to take her photographs, Tulum Mexico, a beautiful town that has history, since it was a walled city of Mayan culture, which is located in the eastern part of the state Quintana Roo .

This beautiful setting has rustic architectural structures, of wood and palm, combined with furniture, fabrics, luxury and very good decorative taste, something that Demi uses to excel much more with its sculptural beauty. In this case, the environment is monochromatic and she injects all the colorful and beautiful shapes. The result far exceeded expectations with more than 300 thousand likes in a short time.

Demi Rose on vacation permanently
The work of the stunning model leads her to be continuously traveling to the most beautiful places in the world, which represents an endless vacation. With all this lifestyle, the English is super comfortable, because it allows her to enrich her general culture, because it relates to people accustomed to life forms and traditions different from her.

It is normal that everything is not rosy, and since he is traveling most of the time, he sometimes suffers from health problems due to climate and food changes. All these factors are part of your daily activities and work experience. Benefits and sacrifices in the same bag of success for brummie. Demi Rose is a tireless globetrotter who gets motivation in her 12.2 million fans.


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