Demi Rose shows off charms about to go out


The really beautiful British model would outshine even Kim Kardashian herself! Demi Rose shared a short video on Instagram in which they see how her charms could escape her flirty outfit

Cual diosa griega, Demi Rose presume encantos a punto de salir(Instagram)

As we are used to! The beautiful British model Demi Rose captivated Instagram by sharing a short video with a tremendous outfit that would overshadow Kim Kardashian herself.

Demi Rose appears in the video with a friend who is almost identical to Kim Kardashian, something that shocked her Instagram followers, but definitely, what stole all eyes was her pronounced neckline that seems to allow her charms to shine.

The British model appears in the background after her friend makes the recording, the famous used for the occasion a dress with a neckline very similar to the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress, in which her skirt flies, but in nude color, same as accessorized with a gold coin necklace and her beautiful flowing, wavy hair.

To seal with a flourish, the beautiful model blew a beautiful kiss in the story that she has shared on the famous social network.

The beautiful 25-year-old and only 1.57 meters has reached enormous popularity thanks to social networks, especially Instagram, where she has almost reached 15 million followers.

Without a doubt, Demi Rose could be considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, since she has an angelic face, quite sweet and a tempting body that could conquer anyone.

What is more than evident is that the body of the famous woman has changed a lot with the passage of time; However, from a very young age, Demi has always had a very aesthetic and beautiful body, only she has decided to pronounce her curves more, which have now become her characteristic hallmark.

Very often, the model uploads content to Instagram, where it can be shared from with beautiful and majestic dresses, to completely showing her natural body; Furthermore, it has delighted netizens with some daring costumes that will hardly get out of their minds.

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Demi Rose has proven to be quite a serious woman, but this does not mean that it is not noticed how intelligent and beautiful she is inside and out. The young woman is used to feeding her mind and spirit as well as her body.

During the quarantine, this aspect became more than evident for her followers, since Demi shared her spiritual side, how much she enjoys a good book, meditation and techniques that allow it.

Despite this, Rose took advantage of various opportunities to share how angry she was at having to stay home; However, she always complied with the proper safety measures dictated by the authorities and decided to stay home for a long time.

Internet users quickly noticed how happy the girl was when apparently the measures in Ibiza were relaxed and she could be part of a fun party, in which she could not avoid making her followers participate through recordings on her Instagram stories .

But not everything is glamor and party in Demi Rose’s life, because on one occasion she was surrounded by scandal, this when she made her foray into the catwalks, which apparently was her debut and farewell.

The beautiful British model was part of the fashion week show for the Oh Polly brand, on that catwalk, the famous woman looked the most beautiful, with a pair of swimsuits that only her prominent curves can look like that; but things did not go well at all since the negative reviews pointed out that he did not know how to walk on the catwalk.

Demi Rose argued in her favor that the shoes she was provided were too tall and oversized for her, making it nearly impossible for her to walk on stage. The famous added that she was going through a very difficult time in her personal life, since her mother had only just left.


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