Demi Rose Shares Sensual Moving Selfie With Rainbows


Demi Rose shares sensual moving selfie with rainbows that points to her most provocative part. Even at the end of November, she continues to look for destinations that allow her to show off her body while tanning.

The British model has become a great influence for its millions of followers who flatter it and are always on the lookout for each new post that stops their hearts.

And she has just done it because she never ceases to surprise them, as now that she has shared in her social networks a ‘selfie in motion’ as a small video that she recorded from Thailand to show in her stories, for a few hours after posting it inside from her already very hot Instagram feed.

In it you can see Demi Rose lying on a cot, probably after cooling off in the pool. Use a filter that makes her wear a rainbow that crosses her face, directing her eyes to her striking breasts, which are only half-covered by a thin towel.

In the background you can hear the fragment of a song that says “the truth is that I love you” and, without a doubt, all her followers loved this video, as well as her many stories and photos on her Thai vacations that allow him to continue using small Bikinis still at the end of November.

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