Demi Lovato’s return to music may be very close


Lovatic emergency! On the morning of Friday (28), began to circulate on Twitter some comments from fans who received notifications from the Universal Music label for sharing material owned by Demi Lovato. But the news is: the posts talked about an unreleased track, which had never really been confirmed as being from the singer.

It was enough for the lovatics to cheer up. Demi Lovato has been in the studio for months to work on her return to music and this has not been hidden from anyone. The singer herself has shared images on the networks, including the producers with whom she is recording.

However, the excerpt that was withdrawn – and accounts were suspended for it – was released in July by composer Chloe Angelides on her Instagram. Since the voice resembled Demi’s, several fans asked her if the song would be among Lovato’s new works, but Chloe said it was a song for her own album.

At the time, fans called the song “Me” because in the short passage it could be heard: “I don’t have much, but at least I still have me, and that’s all I need” I have a lot but at least I still have myself and that’s all I need.

In the email received by fans who had shared the snippet on Twitter, there is a copyright infringement notification for the song “Still Got Me”. It looks like the label is starting to pull material from the internet to work on Demi’s return. Is this the lead single?