Demi Lovato’s boyfriend noted preferring Selena Gomez


Singer Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are not the best of friends but there is nothing against each other, however, this time a round was thrown with the fans to ensure that her boyfriend prefers the Texan singer

Demi Lovato reacted furiously after a couple of Twitter messages allegedly written by her current boyfriend Max Ehrich went viral online. There, her partner said she preferred Selena Gomez.

The singer Demi Lovato lost control and exploded against fans who assured that her new boyfriend Max Ehrich would have written that he prefers Selena Gómez.

The “Sorry Not Sorry” interpreter pointed out that there is no rivalry between her and Selena Gomez and that they have even acted together, so she disapproved of the campaign that some would have started on social networks that seeks to “put women against each other” .

This, after some Twitter messages went viral on the internet, supposedly written by her current partner Max Ehrich, in which it apparently read that she preferred Selena Gomez.

What provoked the anger of the singer who has also pointed out, she and Gomez have worked on various professional projects such as “Barney and his friends” or the movie “Program for the protection of princesses.”

In the alleged captures, according to the young man, the artist’s boyfriend, allegedly claimed:

Hahaha Selena Gomez and Demi are cute together, but boy, if you think Demi is prettier … you’re wrong! ”
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It is worth mentioning that Lovato preferred not to enter the game of differences, however, if she disapproved of the action of the users in social networks who created and echoed this controversy.

Regarding this, the singer, Demi Lovato, originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States said it was “disappointing”

It is very sad when people FAKE images to set women against each other. If women have a conflict, that is between them NOT YOURS, “said angrily the interpreter of” Stone Cold ”
So, although on the one hand I understand the compassion for those who are horrified by the reality of 2020 who must be distracted by manipulated images so as not to focus on the bad of these times; On the other hand, if you are 13 years old and trying to capture current reality, put on your adult underwear and write about what really matters. Please, concluded the artist.

Similarly, the singer, originally called Demetria Devonne Lovato once reiterated that “Selena Gomez was very fond of but she was not her friend”, this happens when you grow up with someone, as they did during the Barney & Friends program when they were both girls.

It was in a talk to the magazine “Harper’s Bazaar” in April of this year, where he also pointed out that he no longer had any kind of contact with the Jonas Brothers.

It is worth mentioning that the American singer, actress and songwriter, Demi Lovato is one step away from reaching the altar with Max Ehrich, as it has transpired.

But who is the young man who has stolen the artist’s heart? Her name is Max Ehrich and we will tell you more details about her.

Ehrich is originally from Malboro, New Jersey in the United States. He is 28 years old and since 2004 has been dedicated to the world of acting, so he surely understands perfectly the demanding job that Demi Lovato has.

He has had appearances in productions such as “High School Musical 3: Senior Year”, in season 3 of “Ugly Betty”, in the famous American soap opera “The Young and the restless”, as well as in “Walk. Ride. Rodeo” , available on Netflix.

The two would have met in March, at the height of the pandemic, however, the closeness of both was acquiring an increasingly serious character and both spent the quarantine together in Demi Lovato’s house, according to reports. .

Max Ehrich is very fond of music and health, and he does not like to party. He is a good influence on Demi Lovato, and they have a lot in common, ‘a source told E! News a few months ago.

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As reported also, Demi introduced her galan to her friends through FaceTime with whom apparently there was good chemistry and she went through the most difficult months of quarantine with the artist.


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