Demi Lovato’s boyfriend was interested in Selena Gomez

Now that Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich have confirmed their relationship, they have both had a chance to openly talk about their romance and how much fun they are having together, yet fans have relived a time when Ehrich confessed his wishes to marry Selena Gomez, who for a time was friends with Demi

After experiencing a season at home, Demi Lovato has begun to increase interaction with her fans through social media and live broadcasts, a space where she has spoken on different occasions about Max and their relationship.

It was funny when Demi mentioned an old tweet from Max where the boy indicated that he wanted Demi as a Christmas gift, the message was published during 2011, so we can guess that his interest in the singer comes from several years ago.

But as Demi responded to that tweet, another message from Max came to light. This second tweet probably did not amuse the girl, because it was a phrase in which Ehrich said ‘I am going to marry Selena Gomez’ and tagged the latter.

Although this text was written a couple of years ago, due to Demi’s bad relationship with Selena, it was probably quite annoying that fans decided to bring it back to light, but she did not comment on it anyway.

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