Demi Lovato Will Have Her Own Talk Show


The show will describe current issues with the help of experts

According to Variety , the singer who recently performed the US anthem during the Super Bowl has plans to expand her experience in front of the screen , now in a field other than acting and singing, as she is working on a new program which will be released through Quibi, a platform specialized in the format of short videos.

Demi’s show would have her in charge of driving and allow us to see her with other celebrities while they establish talks full of honesty.

The artist says that she considers herself as someone who has been able to discuss the issues facing her generation , using her voice to help others who may be suffering because of the environment in which they develop. For this reason, Lovato would have the necessary weapons to carry out the new project , where, among many other topics, he would seek to cover topics such as gender identity, activism and social networks, while discussing with experts on these issues.

We are excited to bring these candid conversations to a public forum, where people can have the opportunity to relate to the topics and the guests, while they find space for laughter and learning.


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