Demi Lovato Shows off new “Choose love” tattoo with charity bias


On Wednesday, Demi Lovato, the “Dancing with the Devil” singer showed off a new tattoo dedicated to the non-profit organization Choose Love on his forearm.

Lovato asked the Ukrainian tattoo artist Gusak to write the name of the organization in Gothic gradient font and said that fans can donate to Choose Love and take part to buy time in the studio to listen to new music.

The star recently held a “funeral” in honor of his pop career and announced that in the future they will focus on the sounds of “punk rock,” including words like “Get tickets to the freak show, baby, come right up to watch the freak walk away.” crazy.”

Choose Love announced that all funds will be transferred to the Ukraine Crisis Assistance fund in the amount of up to 50,000 US dollars.

“We are honored to receive Demi’s support, thank you for choosing love and using your platform to express solidarity with refugees around the world,” the company wrote.

The actor already has a large collection of ink, including the lyrics of the song “Infinite Universe” by Beautiful Chorus, the word “Survivor” on his neck and the signature phrase “Stay Strong” on both wrists.

Along with the upcoming punk rebranding, Lovato has recently undergone a physical transformation, shaving her head for a “fresh start” after completing a recent stint in rehab.