Demi Lovato shares strong bonding message for Joe Biden


Singer Demi Lovato shared a photo with the newly elected president of the United States.

Demi Lovato is sending a message of love and unity following the news that Joe Biden is about to become the 46th president of the United States.

On Saturday (November 7), Biden took the lead in Pennsylvania, giving him the electoral college votes needed to defeat Donald Trump, after states worked 24 hours a day counting ballots.

“This was OUR choice and WE WIN TOGETHER,” the 28-year-old singer tweeted. “There is still a lot of work to do, but today we will celebrate.”

Demi Lovato thanks the people who voted

In recent weeks, Lovato strongly encouraged her fanbase to vote in the presidential election by sharing a selfie of herself at a poll in Los Angeles.

“I vote because I love my country,” wrote the singer, who sparked the politically motivated song “Commander in Chief” in October.

She stated, “From my friends and family who live here, to my neighbors and millions of people I don’t know, I love the citizens here. This year I have been so stressed and anxious just about politics.”

Following the news of Biden’s victory, Lovato again took to social media to “celebrate the millions of Americans who broke through the barriers at the polls, mobilized their communities and voted in record numbers.”

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She added: “Today is not about celebrating in front of those who oppose your views and values, but about celebrating from a place of LOVE, fighting the hatred that has encompassed and oppressed so many of us for the past four years. . start”.

In these US elections, hundreds of artists came together to support Biden, or otherwise, to support the still President Donald Trump. Do you think Demi Lovato could have a musical presentation when Joe Biden takes his new position?


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