Demi Lovato put an end to her relationship


Demi Lovato has already turned the page and decided to delete all traces of Max Ehrich on her Instagram account.

For several days the break between Demi Lovato and her ex-fiance Max Ehrich, with whom she had been in a relationship for several months and two months of engagement, has been rumored, however, without reason and out of nowhere the relationship came to an end, which caused an impact among fans.

Although the decision of the actress from Camp Rock is already a fact, it seems that now there is no going back, as she has decided to erase all traces of that relationship.

Through her official Instagram account, the interpreter deleted all the photographs and messages she had of the actor, stopped following him and published a message assuring that he is fine.

The interpreter of “Warior” even changed the caption of a photo she has with the dj Marshmallow, where he is asking her to marry him, and previously she told him that she wants him, but that Ehrich had come forward, and now that same picture just says:

“You Know I Love you so Much”

Demi Lovato and her failed relationships

It seems that the interpreter of Skycraper is destined to remain single, at least for now, because throughout her artistic career she has known several relationships, however, all of these have ended in resounding failure.

The most notorious and that led her to addictions was the fleeting love she had with Joe Jonas, which ended on bad terms, to the extent that, at the time, the famous one entered rehabilitation for addictions, and they suspended her program at Disney Channel called Sunny Entre Estrellas.

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Another important relationship that this famous woman has had throughout her life is with the actor Wilmer Valderrama, which also ended, since the actor in the video “Happy the 4” is about to get married.

Again Demi Lovato has failed in love, but hope is not lost that this famous will find someone worthwhile.

Do you think Demi Lovato did well to break up with Max Ehrich? Do you think the famous woman deserves someone better? Tell us your answers in the comments.


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