Demi Lovato premieres ‘I Love Me’ with a reference to Jonas Brothers

Demi Lovato premieres ‘I Love Me’ with a reference to Jonas Brothers. The singer reviewed the most important episodes of her life.

Demi Lovato has had a great return to music, first with her emotional performance at the Grammy Awards and her honorary performance with the National Anthem in the Super Bowl 2020.

Currently, Demi continues with the preparations for her new album and although she has not given details about it, a few hours ago she released her new video, which gave much to talk about in social networks.

Titled as “I love me,” Demi wanted to express everything she has faced in recent years, while questioning herself about her self-esteem, her mental health and the loves of the past. Although the lyrics are very inspiring, what caught the attention of some fans were their clear references to the Jonas Brothers.

In a fragment of the song where she sings “After all the times I ruined it” , Demi walks the streets when 3 boys, with a take-out very similar to the one used by the Jonas in the Grammy, pass by her. Do you regret your friendship with them or do you think they did not bring anything good to your life?

Some fans reacted on social networks and believe that Demi should leave the past behind, especially with Joe , with whom she had a brief affair after recording “Cam Rock”. The opinions were divided, as some believe that it was only a way of telling their story and with everything they have struggled to love and get ahead.

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Others believe that it is only a way to externalize the differences that could have had with them. What do you think?

“I love me” already has more than 2 million views.



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