Demi Lovato is ready to sound new after the breakup!


After her breakup with Max Ehrich, the beautiful Demi Lovato seems ready to bounce back … thanks to the music! Will the singer release a new sound?

The hydile between Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich is well and truly over! However, the singer seems already recovered and this, thanks to the music. MCE TV tells you more!

While Demi Lovato has not spoken (or very little) since her split, she has finally come forward on her Twitter and Instagram account. And she might unveil a new sound, very soon!

Indeed, Wednesday morning, the young woman published a message in which she wrote: “The music is always there for me … the song in the morning”.

However, Demi Lovato has not revealed any title or release time. That didn’t stop his many fans from reacting. Indeed, some say they are waiting. While others take the opportunity to thank the star once again for his work.

Under his post we can read comments like, “I’m so excited for the new music” or even “Your music is still here for me. Thank you !” .


You will understand, Demi Lovato remains discreet when it comes to her music AND her breakup. However, the same is not true for her ex-boyfriend, Max Ehrich.

Last weekend, he posted a message in his Instagram Story that read: “Imagine finding out about your relationship status through a tabloid”.

Indeed, the actor claims to have learned of the end of his relationship via a tabloid. He added that he was on the set of a new movie called “Southern Gospel” when he heard the news.

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