Demi Lovato is “disturbed” with a mask of her own face


Demi Lovato shared a photo on Instagram of the mask that someone gave her, and that amused her a bit at the same time that it disturbed her.

Demi Lovato amused herself and her followers on Instagram by posting a selfie wearing a mask that has the lower half of her face printed on it.

The singer decided to promote the use of face masks, highly recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) with her fans, to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

“Someone gave me a mask with my smile and it amuses me as much as it annoys me,” the 28-year-old singer wrote in her post this Saturday.

In keeping with the highly glamorous makeup look of the mask, the star appeared to be wearing multiple layers of mascara, concealer, and perfectly outlined brows.

The creator of the hit hit “Confident” appeared to be having a relaxing afternoon as she donned a tie-dyed blue and yellow shirt at her home in Los Angeles.

She completed her look by slipping her dark hair into a high ponytail and sharing a video of her burning sage, which is the process of purifying negative energy.

In the video, she shares images of her hands fuming and cleaning the energy in her home, just weeks after ending her engagement to Max Ehrich.

Max Ehrich was attacked by Demi’s fans

Speaking to TMZ earlier this month about the negative comments he received from trolls, Ehrich, 29, said it was ‘ridiculous’ how some people believed his six-month relationship with the singer was intended to take advantage of their fame. ‘

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Demi Lovato introduces her boyfriend and receives criticisms

The Young And The Restless star explained to the post, “I think we’re both anti-bullying people, so people should stop harassing people.”

“It’s ridiculous, and what people think has nothing to do with it. People just shouldn’t believe what they read, ”he continued.

When asked about Demi, Max wished her ‘the best’ and ‘nothing but happiness’, before saying that he would not go back to the dating scene because he needed ‘some time because it’s difficult’.

In early October, Max publicly showed his grief at the end of their relationship, while captioning a sad selfie with a heartbroken emoji.

Demi Lovato, who is a recovering addict, met Ehrich in March, began to self-quarantine together right away, got engaged in July, and then abruptly parted ways in September.


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