Did Demi Lovato Ignore Selena Gomez For Justin Bieber?


Some fans expressed their opinions on social networks.

Demi Lovato made an emotional return to the stage during the night of the Grammy 2020, where she sang her song “Anyone”, lyrics that reflect everything she suffered when she was suffering a dependence on harmful substances.

Her fans were moved by her performance, because at the beginning her voice was cut by being nervous and shocked to be alive and able to show that she has recovered, some celebs have also shown her support , including Selena Gomez , but it seems that Demi ignored her words.

Through her Instagram Stories , Sel shared a photo of Demi during the Grammy gala and accompanied her with the message: “I wish I had words to describe the beautiful, inspiring and deserved moment …”, the singer also congratulated Demi for her courage and courage to stand on stage and sing, after all that has happened.

However, Demi did not answer her gesture. The singer shared some stories and in one of them showed her support for Justin Bieber, who released her documentary this Monday and told how fame affected her career. For a few months, Demi and the Bieber marriage have shown a close friendship and it seems that the ties she maintained with Sel no longer exist.

Some fans believe that she did not respond because they do not even follow the social network, but consider that Sel had a great gesture with her despite no longer being friends. The opinions were divided, because they believe that Demi showed “which side is”. What do you think?.


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