Demi Lovato and Marshmello “OK NOT TO BE OK”


Bringing a very important theme to people, Marshmello, in partnership with the American pop singer and songwriter Demi Lovato, released, on the beginning of the afternoon of this Thursday (10) through the official channel of the DJ on YouTube, the video clip of the new song “Ok Not To Be Ok ”.

The single that arrived with a colorful clip and that shows both Demi and Marshmello waking up in rooms that resemble their respective pasts, seeks to say that “It’s okay not to be well”, and at the same time tries to calm the internal and mainly mental spirits of the people who are going through difficult times.

The work that was signed by Hannah Lux Davis with production by Aaron Johnson and Brandon Bonfiglio, includes in its description a link and information related to “HFTD” (Hope For The Day), which is a non-profit movement that strengthens the debate about proactive suicide prevention and people’s mental education.

“Suicide prevention begins with a conversation that we are not having with our mental health due to Stigma. The first step in breaking this silence is to dispel stigmas of fear, judgment and shame about our internal experiences. We achieved this by proclaiming that it’s okay not to be okay! ”, They report. Watch through the player at the end of this publication and if you want, listen to the music on the main streaming platforms by clicking here.

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