Demand For Cheap Notebooks Declines After ‘Covid-19 Effect’


Cheap: As soon as the pandemic started, the computer market grew a lot due to the home-office format adopted by several companies globally. As expected, this would not last forever and even the decline has already started.

According to analyst firm Mercury Research, the third quarter of the year was the worst for the notebook and chromebook market, which further worsened the period for CPU manufacturers financially. The company claims that the drop was already expected, as sales were boosted during the beginning of the pandemic, with a growth of up to 180% in recent months.

Another problem is that sales quickly reached the same pre-pandemic levels, that is, much less than expected.

AMD sets new record

While the laptop market declined, midsize segment sales increased. As a result, AMD secured a market share of 25% during the third quarter, while Intel got 75.4%.

According to analyst Dean McCarron, AMD gained market share of CPUs and reached a new record, representing 22% of the last quarter. Intel lost presence, precisely because of the drop in sales of laptops and lower cost devices — while Intel’s numbers dropped in the market for lower cost devices, the manufacturer gained more share in the desktop sector.

Intel Celeron and AMD Athlon processors suffered the most during the period, as they are widely used in lower-cost notebooks and computers.

Mercury also revealed that sales of server processors increased significantly in the last quarter, helping AMD establish itself in that market — the company also set record sales for server CPUs.