Demake Transforma Resident Evil Village In Castlevania


Demakes are very common nowadays, and perhaps the Resident Evil series is one of the most targeted by those who enjoy creating this type of content. An example of this is that the network received news of a new work in the genre using the most recent title in the series: Residentvania.

Residentvania takes as its base the events that were shown in Resident Evil Village and transports them to a world very similar to the Castlevania released for the NES. The released trailer shows Ethan pioneering the Dimitrescu mansion infested by other creatures, and to overcome the threats he can use a knife (in place of the whip in the source series) and firearms as extra equipment.

Check out a Residentvania gameplay below:

Did you enjoy the game? If you were interested, you can check out this work by clicking on this link.


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