Demain nous appartient: Trapped by Bart Louis


Bart has always been very close to Maxime in Tomorrow belongs to us. Louis will come to town to ask him questions.

Maxime has left Tomorrow belongs to us for Here everything begins. Louis will soon be traveling to Sète and asking Bart questions to learn more about Salomé and Maxime’s relationship. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Louis Here It All Begins is desperate to find out the truth about Salomé. Several months ago, TF1 introduced the brand new spin-off of Tomorrow belongs to us. Thus, the fans were able to meet Salomé, who came to Sète to do her internship. The young woman quickly crossed paths with Maxime and broke down.

Salomé and Maxime had a romance, but Judith’s brother did not know she was going to marry Louis. He discovered this in Here everything begins in the school of Auguste Armand. Thus, the young man tried to get away from her and Salomé ended up marrying Louis. However, the latter is very jealous and thinks that she cheated on him.

Salomé lost her baby in Here it all begins and therefore chose to break up with Louis. She can no longer bear her fits of jealousy and is in mourning. Yet the young cook has not said his last word and will soon be appearing in Tomorrow is ours. The fans are going to be entitled to an explosive crossover and that could well compromise Maxime.

If Maxime and Salomé have managed to hide their story, they will soon be amazed. Louis will arrive in Sète with Elodie and pretend he wants to make a little video for Maxime. But most of all, his trip will be an opportunity for him to find out the truth about his ex-wife.


In the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, Louis will arrive in Sète with the aim of investigating Maxime and Salomé. Gnawed by jealousy, he’ll want to know what happened between the two characters during the summer camp. He will therefore trap those close to Maxime by pretending to want to make a little video in his honor.

Louis goes to meet Bart and interview him with Elodie at the Spoon. He will first ask him questions about Maxime’s early days as a cook. Bart will be very proud of his cousin’s journey and even describe himself as his best friend. Still, things will get tough when Louis asks indiscreet questions.

“Are they still together?” I thought I was dead, “Bart said to Louis and Elodie. The young man will fall into their trap and will admit unwittingly that Maxime and Salomé had a story in Sète. Enough to attract the attention of Louis who will want to know more.

Nonetheless, Bart will quickly realize that he got screwed in Tomorrow is Our Own. He will no longer want to answer the two cooks’ questions and will eventually leave. However, Louis will have proof that Salomé was unfaithful to him …


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