Demain nous appartient: soap opera credits enthusiasts!


Tomorrow belongs to us changes its credits for the new year. And some fans are shocked by this rather particular chain.

It’s a new start for Tomorrow is ours. The credits have just changed. You will no longer hear the same refrain every time an episode starts. And most fans are shocked at this change. It must be said that music represents identity.

Already the music is much longer. Several verses. But in addition, the visual is not the same. In the new credits of Tomorrow belongs to us, the characters appear. And the absence of some shocks fans.

For example, we no longer see dles Beddiar, Victoire or Marianne. What really puzzles fans of the series. On the other hand, some appearances make them happy. Like for example the return of the Karim-Anna couple.

While Rémy has just flown away from France leaving Soraya alone, we no longer see her in the credits. Neither she nor her sister Noor. So, have the young girls left the series or will they be secondary characters? We will have to look to understand.


So Tomorrow belongs to us has a new look for this new year. On the show’s Twitter account, they share the new credits video. A caption: “New plot, new credits! Appointment Monday at 7:10 p.m. on TF1. ”

In any case, rest assured, the series will continue well. But the fans have some trepidation. In the comments one can read: “I do not understand why victory does not appear she is still concerned by the plot as far as I know”.

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Others are happy and watch out for details. “Super happy to see Samuel and Alma in the credits in established couple mode”. So for now, if the credits of Tomorrow belong to us is not unanimous, we will have to wait to understand.

See you on Monday on TF1 for new episodes with new intrigues. At your remote controls!


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