Demain nous appartient: Sandrine digs into Franck’s past!


For the rest of Tomorrow belongs to us, Sandrine decided to investigate Franck’s past. She really has big suspicions about him!

It’s been years now that Tomorrow Belongs to Us has been a hit with fans. And the least we can say is that 2021 holds some big surprises. Now, Sandrine is investigating Franck’s dubious past.

After a terrible discovery Sandrine (Tomorrow belongs to us) is convinced that the Lazzari are in real danger. But that’s not all. Several people accused Franck of having transported a corpse.

Anne-Marie, madly in love with the latter, refuses to believe it. But this is not the case for everyone. Sandrine (Tomorrow belongs to us) has decided to carry out her little investigation on Franck. Anne-Marie, for her part, wants to live her happiness with Franck.

But Sandrine could well change their destiny. It must be said that she is really desperate to know what the young man can hide from everyone. For her investigation, the pretty blonde decides to start with high school.


Sandrine (Tomorrow belongs to us) visits Lise and asks her what she knows about Franck. And especially about his past. She then made very surprising relationships with him, which marked the beginning of her investigation.

Lise reveals that Franck lived as a couple with Martine. The two were actually married but divorced three years ago. On the other hand, Lise does not know the exact reasons for this rather sudden rupture.

Lise also reveals to Sandrine that Martine had a big age difference with Franck. Which is not at all the case with Anne-Marie. The interviewer will then ask questions about their romance.

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It could well turn the lives of Franck and his sweetheart upside down. Fans of the show can’t wait to learn more. Case to follow!


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