Demain nous appartient: Samuel thinks to see Leïla!


Samuel is struggling to recover from Leila’s death in Tomorrow belongs to us. However, he will experience a real love at first sight!

Samuel has been trying to turn the page since the death of his lifelong love, Leila. The doctor may soon fall in love with Tomorrow belongs to us. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Samuel ready for a new love affair in Tomorrow belongs to us? In recent months, the doctor has the right to many intrigues in the series of TF1. Indeed, he remained a long time in a relationship with Leila.

His story with her has not always been unanimous. Indeed, Noor hated Samuel and the young woman was ready to do anything for her mother to leave him. Besides, Leila had had enough of their arguments and had chosen to distance herself.

Leila was gone for several months in Tomorrow belongs to us before making her return not long ago. However, Noor and Soraya’s mother died in a car accident. Samuel had to say goodbye to his sweetheart and it almost destroyed him.

Fortunately, he was able to count on the help of his friend William and his daughter, Sofia. As Samuel finally begins to get better, he might fall in love with him.


In the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us, William will take care of a new resident of Sète. His patient has a heart problem and therefore needs to be followed in hospital. However, when Samuel runs into her in the halls of the hospital, he is going to be shocked.

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The doctor will discover that the patient has curly hair like Leila and looks a lot like her. He will have a feeling of “déjà vu” and will remain speechless in front of William. “She caught you in the eye,” her friend will say.

Samuel will feel something “very strong” in Tomorrow belongs to us. However, William will have to warn him when he finds out that he has fallen in love with him. “She’s 20 you know”. Then he will also tell her that he is already in a relationship.

Samuel will start to get angry, but William might have the last laugh. Indeed, he’ll remind her that he can never help but crack up when “there’s a pretty girl around.” So, is Samuel having a whim or does he really fall in love with the stranger? Case to follow!


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