Demain nous appartient: Rémy would be the home-jacker!


In Tomorrow belongs to us, the identity of the home-jacker will be revealed. Is it Rémy? We’ll tell you more right now!

Remy would be the home-jacker in Tomorrow belongs to us! Do not panic,

In barely three years, Tomorrow Belongs to Us has won the hearts of many viewers. Yes, this soap opera has even become the reference for TF1 in terms of series. Crazy, right?

Thus, every evening, young and old alike follow the adventures of our favorite heroes.

In fact, Tomorrow belongs to us works so well that the series has its own spin-off.

Yes, Here Everything Begins, which follows the adventures of former DNA characters, has been airing for over a month on TF1.

But if Tomorrow Belongs to Us is such a hit, it’s thanks to its characters!

Yes, we all adore Sofia, Noor, Sandrine but also Rémy very much.

But unfortunately, the young man could well disappoint us. Indeed, Rémy is the home jacker!

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more right away!


Remy fans may well be disappointed with the turn of the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us!

And for good reason, we discover little by little that Rémy is surely the home-jacker!

And the suspicions will be confirmed in the next episode of the series.

Indeed, Simon Vasseur denies being linked to the attacks of Rémy, Lou and Thimothée.

In addition, at the Beddiars, Rémy’s in-laws, the home jacker was careful not to steal money.

And in tonight’s episode, we find out that Remy hid a stolen watch from Victor and some money under the Beddiards sink. Ouch!

Everything therefore seems to indicate that the young man is the home-jacker!

So, is Soraya’s boyfriend really the burglar? And above all, if he is the home jacker, what are his reasons?

In any case, we can’t wait to learn more in the next episodes of the series!


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