Demain nous appartient: Rémy soon assaulted in prison!


In the series Tomorrow belongs to us, Rémy’s fate will not be favorable … Soraya’s darling will be assaulted in prison …

Attention spoilers! In the next episodes of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Remy is going to go to jail, even though he had worked out his problems with Victor.

He was thought to be out of the woods after Victor learned that Remy was behind the robbery at Lou’s house. But in reality, it is not.

In an excerpt revealed by MYTF1, Rémy will have to report to the police. To do this, Soraya’s future husband will therefore go through the prison box.

A situation which plunged the nurse into utter embarrassment. He, who thought he was out of the woods, is going to have to face prison and everything that follows.

In the prison of Sète, Rémy is not going to make only friends. The latter will be abused, which will cause concern for his future wife, Soraya …


While visiting Rémy in prison, Soraya notices that her darling’s face is covered with bruises. According to Rémy, the latter was assaulted by an inmate.
Worried, Soraya then goes to ask her sweetheart what really happened. Rather evasive, Remy goes to tell him that he hurt himself during his walk. “It was an inmate who did this to me during my walk, I see the doctor on Wednesday,” he said.
Words that Soraya does not believe, knowing her man. Remy loses hope and confides in the lawyer that he is not going to be behind bars for long. “I’m not going to hold on, I know that,” he said.

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Soraya told him that she will then do everything to get Remy out of this delicate situation. “I’ll do everything to get you out.” I made a copy of the USB key you stole from Brunet. I’ll make sure I read what’s on it to clear you. ”

Malignant, Soraya managed to make a copy of the contents of Victor Brunet’s USB key. If she finds compromising documents, she can get her boyfriend out of prison and thus accuse Lou’s boyfriend.


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