Demain nous appartient: Rémy says goodbye to Soraya!


In Tomorrow belongs to us, Rémy bids farewell to Soraya before leaving Sète. Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more right away!

Remy bids farewell to Soraya before fleeing in Tomorrow belongs to us!

In barely three years, Tomorrow Belongs to Us has won the hearts of many viewers. Yes, this soap opera has become the reference for TF1 in terms of series. Class, right?

Thus, every evening, young and old alike follow the adventures of our favorite heroes.

In fact, Tomorrow Belongs to Us is a hit because the series now has its own spin-off. Crazy, right?

Yes, Here everything begins has been broadcast for two months now on TF1.

But if Tomorrow Belongs to Us is such a hit, it’s in large part thanks to its colorful characters!

Yes, we all love Morgane, Chloé, Jules but also Rémy!

Moreover, in the next episode of Tomorrow belongs to us, Remy will have to flee and therefore bid Soraya farewell.

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more right away!


Remy and Soraya’s love story will, it seems, come to a tragic end in Tomorrow belongs to us!

Indeed, imprisoned for thefts, Rémy will be released from prison for procedural flaw.

But time is running out! Indeed, the young man risks, at any time, to return behind bars.

So, after Remy joins him in a hotel, Soraya announces, in tears, that he has to leave France. To do this, Soraya organized everything with Brunet. Rémy will therefore take a night flight to Turkey to start a new life there.

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Unhappy to leave the woman he loves in France, Rémy begs her to accompany him. But Soraya is unable to abandon her family.

So, after a heartbreaking farewell, Rémy gets into Victor’s car, leaving behind a Soraya more devastated than ever.

So, will we see Remy again in Tomorrow belongs to us? Is his love affair with Soraya really over?

Case to follow!


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