Demain nous appartient: Rémy asks Soraya to get married!


Remy was not honest and stole money from the Brunets in Tomorrow belongs to us. The nurse will ask Soraya to marry him.

Rémy will soon confess everything to Soraya about his involvement in Victor’s theft in Tomorrow belongs to us. For Christmas Eve, the nurse will ask his sweetheart in marriage. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

For several days now, a home jacker has scared everyone in Tomorrow belongs to us. The latter stole the money from Solenne’s pot. Then everyone believed he was also responsible for Victor Brunet’s money theft.

Nevertheless, the fans were able to learn recently that Rémy is behind it all. The nurse broke into Victor’s house to steal 20,000 euros and a confidential file. The latter thought he could blackmail Flore and the businessman in order to earn more money.

Remy’s plan has failed and the police are seriously starting to think he is behind the heists. Thus, the young man will confess everything to Soraya and she will be amazed. However, Noor’s sister is not going to break up with him and will give him another chance.

Abdel and Soraya are going to want Remy to return the money to Victor in order to avoid more trouble in Tomorrow is ours. However, Remy will not be able to pay him back, because he gave Solenne a large sum of money pretending to be Santa Claus.


In the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us, Rémy will want to celebrate New Years Eve with Soraya, Noor and Bilel. The young man will invite them to the restaurant and will take the opportunity to make his marriage proposal. Lou’s co-worker will agree to marry him despite everything he’s done.

This engagement could however sow discord among the Beddiar. Indeed, Noor will not understand why his sister gave Rémy another chance. Then, she will also be angry with her father for always showing himself to be so understanding with Remy.

Nevertheless, the engagement of Rémy and Soraya will take a funny turn in Tomorrow belongs to us. Karim will eventually have evidence against Remy and will go to the Beddiar to arrest him.

The nurse will have a hard time proving his innocence and is risking a lot. Indeed, he could soon lose his job, but above all go to prison.


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