Demain nous appartient: Jules and Charlie ready?


Jules and Charlie, who we find in Tomorrow belongs to us, are they ready to take a new step in their relationship?

They’re a couple that no one saw coming, and yet… Jules and Charlie are madly in love with each other, so much so that the two lovebirds are about to turn a corner.

Each episode of the Tomorrow belongs to us series brings its share of joy but also of sorrow. Every evening, viewers have their eyes riveted on their screens to follow the adventures of their favorite characters.

And there are two that Internet users are passionate about: Charlie and Jules. In a relationship for a few weeks, the two lovers are inseparable.

Charlie, who ran away from the Moreno’s, has taken refuge with Jules until things settle down. Very much in love, Luke’s sister therefore goes to sleep with her darling.

Except that the young woman is a virgin, and she will take a long time to confess it to Lucas. In an excerpt posted online by MyTF1, Charlie has a very bad life on his first time …


Crazy in love with Jules, Charlie blocks sex. So she can’t make love to her sweetheart and she tells him.

Complex, she confides in her boyfriend that she is afraid that he will go to another girl if Charlie does not manage to sleep with him. A very embarrassing situation for the young woman.

Jules therefore tries to reassure his sweetheart, by promising her that no, he will not look elsewhere. In love with his sweetheart, Noor’s ex promises to take his time.

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A few days ago, Charlie confessed that this blockage was from his mom, who was never kind to the men she loved.

“I know it comes from my mother, she has always despised men,” she had confided in pain to her dear and tender. And to conclude, “I wouldn’t blame you if you let me go, that’s how it is.” Very hard in his feelings, Jules hopes that his sweetheart will change out of love for him.


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