Demain nous appartient: Georges ready to make an effort


Georges and Victoire are on the verge of breaking up in Tomorrow belongs to us. The policeman’s mother is going to sow more discord.

Georges is angry with Victoire in Tomorrow belongs to us. The policeman wants to move and this creates discord in the couple. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Georges and Victoire rode Urbex and the adventure turned into a nightmare for the policeman. The cave collapsed and a boulder fell on the policeman’s leg. Thus, Victoire had to operate urgently, but severed a nerve.

The policeman got off the hook in Tomorrow belongs to us. However, he will no longer be able to walk as before and must serve as crutches. Georges has a hard time accepting the situation and is angry with Victoire. Thus, he is obnoxious to her.

Georges asked his mother, Mona, to come to Sète in Tomorrow belongs to us. He did not notify Victoire and that created even more tension. Besides, Mona seems to have something against Victoire and does everything to keep her away from her son.

George’s mother wants her son to move so that he no longer has to climb the stairs. Nevertheless, Victoire is sad and not sure she wants to move there.


In this Thursday, November 19 episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Victoire will try to talk to Georges about the apartment. He will understand that his darling has many memories in this place and will not be so sure to want to move.

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So later, he will find his mother and tell her that he does not want to move anymore. This will annoy Mona a little, who will tell her not to listen to Victoire and give in to her whims. For her, if Victoire loves him, they must move.

Victoire will find Georges in re-education, but his mother will also be present. The two women are going to argue in front of Amanda. Victoire will want Georges to show her his progress, but the policeman will be a little tired. Mona will therefore ask Victoire to leave him alone and will doubt her abilities as a doctor.

At the end of the day, Georges goes home and goes to see Victoire packing her bags in Tomorrow belongs to us. The young woman will decide to go and live with Sandrine for a while so as not to see Mona again. Then, she especially wants to take stock of their history …


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