Demain nous appartient: Franck finally reveals his true face


Franck recently arrived in Tomorrow belongs to us. Morgane’s brother begins to show his true face in the soap opera.

Franck has been present for several weeks in Demain belongs to us. Morgane’s brother will soon show his true face and will go so far as to threaten Solenne with death. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Is Franck really a criminal? A few weeks ago, Morgane’s brother arrived in Tomorrow belongs to us. The latter gave many gifts to his family and quickly became closer to Anne-Marie.

Sandrine didn’t really like it, and she asked herself a lot of questions from Franck. From the start, she has believed he is not being honest. So she asked Anna to investigate him and unearth all his dirty secrets.

So Sandrine and Franck don’t get along at all in Tomorrow belongs to us. In addition, the teacher is convinced that Morgane’s brother is a killer and that he tried to hide a corpse in the middle of the night. Enough to open an investigation and get Aurore’s attention.

For the moment, Franck remains discreet and does not show his true face. He is a perfect gentleman with Anne-Marie and gets along wonderfully with Morgane. However, he will slip up against Solenne in the rest of the series.


In an excerpt from an upcoming episode of Tomorrow belongs to us, Franck pulls up in a disabled space in front of Solenne. The young girl will take her courage in both hands and ask Franck to park elsewhere.

Solenne will be very polite, but Franck will quickly get annoyed and confide in her that he does not care about the disabled. He will refuse to move his car and even go so far as to insult Solenne. Sasha’s daughter is going to want to redo “the paint” of Franck’s car and will provoke him.

Nevertheless, Franck will go much too far and Morgane’s brother will threaten her. “If you touch my car, I’ll throw you in the canal”, he will tell her. Enough to scare Solenne, who dared not say anything more.

So, will Franck really think about killing Solenne in Tomorrow belongs to us? Or will he play a bad joke on her in order to scare her and have peace? In any case, Franck does not seem less and less sympathetic in the series …


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