Demain nous appartient: Franck drugs Anne-Marie!


Franck becomes more and more dangerous in Tomorrow belongs to us … So how does he manage to have such power over Anne-Marie?

Franck therefore seems untouchable … While almost all of Anne-Marie’s family take him for an angel, he succeeds in moving forward with his terrible plan. So how far will he go in Tomorrow is ours?

Because Anne-Marie remains under his spell … But also under his influence. Franck has indeed just sold the investments of his new future wife. How can he manipulate her at this point?

The answer is in Anne-Marie’s tea. And also in his cafe. Every time he serves him something, Franck does indeed add a secret ingredient: drugs. The danger lurks in Tomorrow belongs to us!

Especially since the only one who realizes that something is wrong is alone against everyone. Sandrine indeed seems full of suspicion… But nobody believes her, not even Morgane!

She must therefore fight alone in Tomorrow belongs to us … Even Georges, who seems to believe her, does not yet seem ready to open an investigation. There is only one solution, therefore: find proof, and quickly!


Sandrine therefore decides to call the family of Franck’s ex-wife … But Martine’s sister refuses to talk about this man, who remains “the devil in person” for her. Sandrine thus touches the goal.

But she is still too far from the truth, with too little information to make her mother run away. Anne-Marie, for her part, remains wisely in the clutches of her executioner… Tomorrow belongs to us in store for her unpleasant surprises!

Because she feels very weak. But, facing the doctor, she refuses to go for an examination. Even though she feels that she is not in a normal state. So she could have discovered everything …

But she prefers to keep her self-confidence. Franck therefore still has a little time ahead of him… and a little drugs to give. But Sandrine may be able to stop it in time in Tomorrow belongs to us!


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