Demain nous appartient: Flora about to go to prison?


Will Flore Vallorta also go to prison? Bart Vallorta’s mother found herself involved in the stories of Victor Brunet.

The New Year has many surprises in store for fans of the Tomorrow is Us series. The character of Flore Vallorta is also in turmoil.

Thanks to Rémy who is still wanted by the police, had stolen a secret file of Victor Brunet in his safe. The young man has therefore updated his many schemes and he risks big.

Injured, Lou therefore made the firm decision to leave her man, after long months of relationship. Flore Vallorta, close to Victor, will therefore be in the sights of the police.

The young woman will have to be accountable. In an extract unveiled by MYTF1, Georges and Karim therefore take stock of the terrible affair. And they come to suspect Flore.


The minutes of the last board of directors of the Saint-Clair hospital show that Flore Vallorta had the relocation of several services from Sète put on the agenda. They were transferred to hospitals in Montpellier as if by a miracle.

Before the Victor Brunet case broke, he had several meetings with members of the administration … The police are not fooled, they will investigate in depth.

The appointment of Flore as head of the Sète hospital service is not trivial. Criticized after taking office, Bart’s mother therefore finds herself embroiled in an affair that is not his concern.

Did Flore know what was going on behind her back? Or on the contrary, did she play the idiot in order to put the nursing staff to sleep? There are many hypotheses and it will be difficult to see clearly.

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The policeman Georges does not believe that Flore is not aware of Victor’s schemes. He thinks that Flore has duped everyone and Karim is going to summon her… Bart’s mother therefore risks going to prison.


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