Demain nous appartient: Charlie reveals her secret!


The week promises to be full of twists and turns in Tomorrow is Our Own. Especially with the revelation on Charlie’s secret

We may have just entered a new year, but that doesn’t stop the Tomorrow is Our series from keeping us going. Indeed, the TF1 soap opera still has so many twists and will prove it over the next few days. Especially with the revelation of Charlie’s secret to Christelle.

But that’s not the only thing that’s going to happen. Because many other intrigues are currently taking place. Especially the past of Franck which interests Sandrine a lot. Moreover, she feels more and more in the heart of the danger.

As Toutelatele relays, the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us will make it almost paranoid. Still, she might not be mistaken in thinking that danger lurks around her family …

It is the death of a member of the Lazzari clan that will arouse many suspicions in her. Slightly let go by Morgane and Anne-Marie, she will still be able to count on the support of Chloe and Anna during this period.

But no doubt the fans of Tomorrow Belongs to Us are eagerly awaiting the revelation of Charlie’s secret.


Because yes, it is indeed the plot that interests the most viewers in recent days. New Year’s Eve to bring Arnaud’s daughter closer to Jules. Despite everything, after a few days of relations, she does not seem able to meet her expectations.

That’s why Charlie decides to confide in Christelle in Tomorrow belongs to us. This allows him to let go of his secret …

For the rest of the story, know that Victor will be arrested by the police and taken into custody. But if some thought he was going to sit there and do nothing, they were wrong. Indeed, he will not hesitate to put pressure on Virginie and will use all means to get out of there.

In short, a lot will happen in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us. Fans should have plenty to do for a few days.