Demain nous appartient: Charlie is hesitant to leave Gabriel


In Tomorrow belongs to us, Charlie no longer knows what she wants! In a relationship with Gabriel, the young woman hesitates to dump him …

Charlie’s love life is very complicated. The young woman of Tomorrow belongs to us is a true heart of artichoke, and she is reluctant to dump her boyfriend, Gabriel.

For several weeks, it was with Jules that the pretty brunette had a beautiful love story. The pretty brunette found solace when she left the home of her adoptive parents.

The young woman recently confessed to Jules that she had never made love. Patient, the young man told him he would wait as long as it took.

Only, Betty Moreno, aware of the situation, spread the rumor in high school. Mad with rage, Charlie preferred to break up with Jules, convinced that it was he who sold the wick to the whole school.

Charlie quickly found comfort in Gabriel. The latter were therefore very quickly put in a relationship, but precisely, she was perhaps too fast …


In an excerpt unveiled by MyTF1, Charlie confides in his twin brother about Gabriel. The pretty brunette, who is usually very closed, opens up about her moods and asks Luke for advice.

When he learns that Gabriel is in mourning, Charlie no longer dares to break up with him for fear of hurting him. The young woman blames herself because her boyfriend was the only one to support Charlie when she antagonized all high school.

Luke therefore warns his sister about the risks of having two parallel relationships. Charlie is still in a relationship with Jules, but Gabriel doesn’t know.

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“I like him Gabriel, he’s one of the only guys who stood up for me after the sextape,” the young woman told her brother. Feeling remorseful, Charlie wants to do things right, but then, how is she going to do it so as not to hurt anyone? Answer tonight at 7:10 pm on TF1!


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