Demain nous appartient: Charlie explains to Jules!


This week in Tomorrow belongs to us, the couple formed by Charlie and Jules are more than ever at the heart of the intrigues …

What would Tomorrow be ours without its share of revelation? Charlie and Jules have been getting out of a coma several weeks ago.

The young woman, who admitted to blackmailing Bilel Beddiar, must now be held accountable. Minor, she will be represented by Jules’ mother, who, she hopes, will alleviate her sentence.

A complicated teenager, Charlie lives with the Moreno’s, who are her foster family. The atmosphere between the high school student and her legal guardians is therefore far from being in good shape.

The young woman who planned to go to the United States with her brother had to face the facts. She won’t be able to go anytime soon.

Pained by the harm she has caused, she finds solace in Jules, who turns out to be a great support. Last week, the two teenagers kissed.


This week, Jules and Charlie will therefore get down to business. Alone at home, the young man offers his girlfriend to make love.

Charlie turns his head and tells Jules that she is still a virgin and that she has never had sex with a man before. The young woman grew up with a female model of whom she is not very proud.

His mom referred to sex as a “chore,” something to satisfy the male sex. The high school student therefore explains to her dear and tender that she does not yet feel ready to take action.

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Noor’s ex is very understanding and therefore offers his girlfriend to take the necessary time. Luke’s sister may be mentally strong, but she is still full of injuries.

She knows, however, that she can count on her twin brother, Luke, who was by her sister’s bedside when she was in a coma. But, since he confessed to assaulting Charlie at the beach, the stick between brother and sister is broken.


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