Demain nous appartient: Anna is stranded before Franck!


Anna has been investigating Franck for several days in Demain belongs to us. She is going to put herself in danger with Sandrine.

Anna made her comeback in Tomorrow belongs to us to the delight of fans. The journalist will enter Franck’s place with Sandrine. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Anna puts herself in danger in Tomorrow belongs to us. After more than a year of absence, Chloe’s sister has returned to Sète. The fans are very happy to find the journalist and the latter is in great shape. Then, she is very happy to have been able to see her lifelong love, Karim again.

Anna left for several months in Algeria for a report, but seems to want to put her bags down for a while in Sète. However, barely back, the young woman has a lot to do. Sandrine needs his help and has asked him to investigate Franck.

Franck is not honest in Tomorrow belongs to us and hides a huge secret. While he seems to be unanimous with Anne-Marie and Morgane, Sandrine is wary of him. Besides, she is convinced he is a killer and thinks she saw him carrying a body!

What therefore give shivers to Sandrine who finds herself alone against all. Morgan refuses to believe her brother is dangerous, but she may soon have proof of it in Tomorrow is ours. Besides, Anna and Sandrine have every intention of stepping up a gear and will be taking big risks.


In this Tuesday, January 12 episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Georges will tell Sandrine that a colleague from the Lille police is investigating Franck. The man is suspected of having killed his wife and had her open numerous life insurance policies before her death. Thus, Franck can touch the jackpot and that explains his fortune!

Still, Morgana’s brother has an alibi and the police have had to dismiss the case. For her part, Sandrine is sure that he pushed his wife to suicide in order to have the possessions. She will start to worry about Anne-Marie, who is getting closer and closer to Franck and who is completely under his spell.

Sandrine and Anna will choose to go to Franck’s villa in order to search through his belongings. They will hope to find overwhelming evidence against the man in Tomorrow belongs to us. The journalist and Sandrine will discover that Anne-Marie has signed a power of attorney for her future husband, Franck.

This will be a huge shock for Sandrine who will understand that her mother is in danger. Still, she won’t have time to investigate further. Franck will go home and the two friends will find themselves trapped… So, is Franck going to try to kill the two women? It is clear that the character of Franck Simonin has not finished scaring the public.


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