Demain nous appartient: Anna is back


Here’s what to expect next week in Tomorrow is ours. You saw it this week in Tomorrow belongs to us, Anne-Marie and Franck got very close to the point of starting a new rather unexpected love story. But this idyll, which should not please their relatives, will for the moment be kept secret …

Until the truth ends up exploding in broad daylight and upsets the whole family! At the same time, Judith and Souleymane will very much want to settle down together. The problem is that the son of Antoine Myriel is still under the responsibility of Sandrine who will not be of this opinion. Souleymane will therefore be odious with her in order to try to push her to the limit, so that she fires him and he can move in with Chloe with Judith. But will the two teenagers really succeed? Nothing is less sure.


Next week in Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1, Karim will put Rémy in front of a fait accompli after discovering a video of his arrangement with Victor. Remy will then have to answer for his actions while being able to count on Soraya’s infallible support … But the same cannot be said of Noor. As for Victor, he will show a whole new face by being very charitable, a version of him that his relatives are not used to seeing. Finally, good news for Karim, since Anna will finally be back in Sète! The policeman will also put the small dishes in the big ones to welcome his great love … And they will be delighted to meet again. While waiting to discover this and much more from Monday at 7:10 pm on TF1, know that two characters from Tomorrow belongs to us will soon land in Here everything begins.

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