Deluxe Taxi the Korean mystery drama that will shock you


‘Deluxe Taxi’ is the new action horror drama, the cast could be led by actor Lee Je Hoon, APRIL’s Naeun and Esom. Know all the details of this production.

The year 2020 has surprised fans a lot, as great productions were released, with interesting plots, varied themes and characters that remained in the hearts of the viewers.

A few days ago, Korean media reports claimed that Lee Je Hoon was in talks to be part of the drama ‘Deluxe Taxi’, a series based on the popular webcomic ‘Mobeomtaxi’.

The news was confirmed and Lee Je Hoon could be the protagonist of the K-drama playing Kim Do Ki, a driver who has a genuine personality, he owns a taxi company and with his work he seeks to avenge the death of his mother.

‘Deluxe Taxi’ narrates the adventures of several workers of a driver service who offer to take revenge on behalf of their passengers, so if someone hurts you, you can go to these taxi drivers to do justice for you.


Another Korean television figure who could appear in the ‘Deluxe Taxi’ series is Esom who was invited to take on the role of Kang Ha Na, a fierce lawyer who will carry a lot of weight in the story.

Media EDaily reported that APRIL’s Naeun is part of the drama and the idol will play Go Eun, although there is no certainty about the character’s profile, it is believed that he is a clever hacker who has incredible abilities.

‘Deluxe Taxi’ will be directed by Lee Yong Seok, popular creative who has led the dramas ‘Haechi’, ‘The Village: Achiara’s Secret’, ‘The Great Seer’ and ‘Wife Returns’, the scriptwriter will be Oh Sang Ho who has worked in major films such as: ‘Fabricated City’, ‘Codename: Jackal’, ‘The Legend of Seven Cutter’, ‘Top Star’ and ‘White Night’.

There is still no release date for the premiere of ‘Deluxe Taxi’, but it will be a success, as it will have a luxury cast. What do you think of the plot of the new Korean drama?

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