Deltarune creator Toby Fox spoke about the new chapters for 2022


Undertale and Deltarune developer Toby Fox gave fans unpleasant information about how work on the latest game is going, saying that there will be no new chapters this year. Deltarune released its first chapter back in 2018, three years after the explosive success of Undertale. Three years later, Deltarune Chapter 2 was launched for free after the presentation of Nintendo Direct in 2021. Although there was a three-year hiatus between the release of Chapters 1 and 2, some fans were hoping that there might be a lot of new content. in 2022.

Speculation surrounding Deltarune Chapter 3 was widespread on the internet, and Toby Fox was constantly reporting on the game. However, in his last post on Twitter, he confirmed that there will be no new chapters this year. Fox did not name a date when fans will be able to find out the release date of Deltarune Chapter 3, but if the launch is something similar to the previous chapters, it will most likely be a surprise.

Something Fox did comment on was that fans can expect “something special” for the anniversary of the second chapter of Undertale and Deltarune. What that might be is unknown, but with Fox’s latest suggestion that he’ll be seeing fans next week, it looks like they’ll get more information then. As Fox celebrates “something special” as a celebration of Undertale and Deltarune, it seems to reinforce the idea that these two things are connected not only by their aesthetics.

Although fans were sure from his development updates that Toby Fox was hard at work on the latest chapter of Deltarune, he also helped develop other IP’s. Most recently, Toby Fox revealed that he wrote music for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Although this was confirmed back in June, Fox revealed in August which tracks he actually composed, and it was the music that players would hear while participating in raid battles.

Given that Toby Fox is keen to give Deltarune fans chapters 3, 4 and 5 at the same time, it’s no surprise that he has stated that no new content will be added to the game until the end of 2022. At the moment, it seems that fans will have to settle for playing the first couple of chapters of the game in the hope that with the new Nintendo Direct in 2023, some more Deltarune content may appear.

Deltarune has already been released on PC, PS4 and Switch.


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