Delta variant carries 300 times more viral load

Covid-19 Delta Variant concept with graphics

According to a study conducted in South Korea, people infected with the Delta variant carry a viral load 300 times higher than people infected with the original Covid-19. The data was shared in a press release by the Korea Agency for Disease Control and Prevention (KDCA) recently.

In the study, the data of 1,848 patients infected with the Delta variant and the data of 22,106 people with the Covid-19 virus other than the Delta variant were compared. As a result, it was revealed that the Delta variant had 300 times higher viral load. However, this amount gradually decreases over time, according to research. This rate decreases to 30 times in the first four days, to 10 times in nine days, and to equal levels with other variants after ten days.

The other question is whether this variant has a 300 times higher viral load, increasing its contagiousness by 300 times. That’s not the case, says Lee Sang-Won of South Korea’s Ministry of Health. According to Lee, the Delta variant is still 2 times more contagious than the original version of Covid-19, and 1.6 times more contagious than the Alpha variant, as reported in the research results in the early days.


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