Dell Unveils Notebook With Sustainable Design


Dell: This week, electronics maker Dell announced an important project that mixes technological advances with environmental concerns. This is Concept Luna, a suggestion of future design for notebooks with several changes that, without compromising on performance, use more sustainable materials to increase the reuse of parts and cut the carbon emission of processes.

The green future

On the outside, the PC part does not differ in virtually any way from the manufacturer’s traditional models. The chassis is made of aluminum, which requires less energy to manufacture and leaves less waste. However, the internal changes are what will make the difference.

The motherboard, for example, will be transported to the top cover of the notebook and reduced. This cuts the high energy consumption of this component and can even lead to the removal of ventilation mechanisms, which are unnecessary with the new positioning.

The battery, in turn, needs to be a long-lasting model. The keyboard parts are more separated from other components, making recycling easier. Even the screws have been cut to a minimum, which makes it easy to repair and disassemble for recycling.

Dell still doesn’t have a deadline for implementing Luna’s ideas, but already celebrates the idea that at least this is feasible in industrial terms. Now, the brand will closely analyze each element of the concept to verify the feasibility of each change.