Dell renews its portfolio to serve home office production


The year 2020 was very different from all others. In this troubled period, the words “transformation” and “reframing” gained prominence. In addition, this process was fundamental for us to get here more resilient, with a more innovative and visionary mentality.

In the context of social isolation, the home office has become a matter of survival for companies. In turn, technology and computers have become increasingly important, not only for institutions, but also for the daily lives of most people.

Work and home office statistics for 2020

Did you know that during the pandemic 46% of companies adopted the home office and this generated a high technological demand? Six out of ten companies had to speed up the digitization of work, and that ended up becoming a priority for many of them.

However, this does not mean that this transformation and reframing of technology in 2020 was an easy and fast process. About 67% of the companies reported having difficulties in making this emergency adjustment to the work method.

Many were surprised by the sudden changes in the way they work, study and communicate. The house became an office, factory, school and even university. And, in this process, the computer was a protagonist, enabling the transformation.


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