Dell opens vacancies for free professional training courses


In partnership with the State University of Ceará and the municipality of Porto Alegre, Dell Technologies, through the Free Professional Accessible Qualification Program, developed by the Dell Research, Development and Innovation Center (LEAD), will offer one thousand free places for 14 courses in the areas of technology, languages ​​and business, which include certification for those approved and that serve professionals with different levels of knowledge.

Aimed at people with disabilities and in social vulnerability, the options are restricted to one per candidate and will address knowledge of customer service, entrepreneurship and ethics, in addition to introducing and developing concepts of programming logic, introducing systems programming in the Java language and Java Android.

Eder Soares, Manager of Innovation Projects and Leader of the Fortaleza Technologies Unit at Dell Technologies, points out: “Our objective, in creating conditions for people with disabilities and in conditions of social vulnerability, to have the ability to develop in the technology field, to precisely increase their competitiveness, in order to try to make the labor market more equal. ”

Subscriptions and options

This time, only residents of the state of Rio Grande do Sul can participate in the initiative, and all activities will be carried out on the Dell Accessible Learning platform or through the Accessible Learning application for Android and iOS – which have the support of Libras and other interpreters. accessibility features available on the platform and in content, such as sound alerts, voice commands, virtual keyboard, font resizing, high contrast, audio description of images and videos in Libras.

“It is very gratifying to end the year 2020 knowing that more than 16 thousand people from all over Brazil were benefited by the LEAD initiatives”, says Eder Soares, revealing the public reached only in that period. To participate in the initiative, just register on the website. Entries can be made until January 4.

Check below the courses covered by the notice and good studies.

Customer service
Entrepreneurship and Ethics
Practical Informatics + Basic English 1
Introduction to Programming Logic + Basic English 2
Introduction to Web Accessibility
Introduction to Google Online Applications
Introduction to JAVA application development
Fundamentals of web programming with JAVA
Fundamentals of oriented programming with JAVA objects
Database basics with JAVA
Fundamentals of mobile development using Android API and JAVA
Integration of applications and services with JAVA
Standardization of web projects with JAVA EE and Spring Framework
Planning and Development of Android Applications using Google APIs


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