Delightful Development For Battlefield Fans


The news that delights Battlefield fans has arrived. Battlefield 2042’s reporting system has been improved and comes with new anti cheat software.


One of the most annoying situations in Battlefield games is definitely the late response or no response to feedback for cheats. This situation attracted the most attention in Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V. In previous games, when you wanted to report a player, you had to enter the player profile and report and select the category while reporting.

Reporting system made easy in Battlefield 2042

No matter how simplified the reporting system was, players wanted the anti-cheat system to be improved. In fact, Ripple Effect (DICE) announced in its presentation to EA Game Changers members that there will be a better anti-cheat system in Battlefield 2042. A cumbersome reporting process and slow response to feedback made the gimmick in Battlefield games a hit. Moreover, cheating problems still continue.

In consultation with DICE, Battlefield players and the community demanded that the new Battlefield game be better protected against cheating. The developer team stated that they are aware of the situation and that they have developed the game’s anti-cheat and reporting system.

The player reporting system in Battlefield 2042 will look like the one above. You will also not have to deal with the Origins interface. In this way, you can quickly report a player in the game.

The new reporting system will not be just for cheating. Behaviors such as abusive text chat, abusive voice chat, cheating, spoilers, offensive player names and harassing players from the game can be reported, respectively.

Battlefield 2042 confirmed to use Easy Anti Cheat

In addition, the company confirmed that it will use Easy Anti Cheat in Battlefield 2042. If a cheater is detected during the game, he will be kicked out of the game and permanently banned from all platforms thanks to cross-platform support. If necessary, hardware and IP bans can be made.


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