Deleted scene with Dwight revealed in Matrix adaptation


Recently a deleted scene from The Office has been revealed, in which Dwight was the center of attention, when making an adaptation of the famous Matrix films.

Ever since The Office arrived on the Peacock platform, it has been surprising all fans of the show with all the unreleased content that has been shown and that has never been revealed.

Which is why the NBCUniversal streaming service has released an airless cold open, which was removed from the series finale in 2013 for time.

The deleted scene lasts five minutes, in which it shows Jim and Pam, collaborating to convince Dwight that the Matrix movies are now his reality.

The trick includes a cat which they have been training for several hours, to achieve the scene, in addition to that, it includes a warehouse employee and his identical twin. Check out the deleted scene here.

The joke scene with the Matrix adaptation is one of the most detailed jokes Jim has made about Dwight, although it is true that there are many other very good ones.

The first two seasons of The Office are available for free to everyone on the Peacok platform, but it does not show images or unreleased content.

While, for platform subscribers, all nine seasons of The Office will be available, with additional content such as deleted scenes, behind the scenes and much more.