Delete your password from your Windows 10 PC with this trick


Sometimes the security of a team is essential. There are users who do not even connect the computer to the Internet for fear of a possible leak in the system that reveals all the data it contains. But other times it is not necessary so much shielding and that is why if you want to get rid of it we will tell you how you can remove the password from your Windows 10 PC.

How to remove password from Windows 10

Security is important for your team to save data correctly. Everyone has their resources as hidden folders in the system or put a code so that not everyone has access to its content. But the first thing to have is a basic measure and is to put a password on the computer.

This time we are going to do the opposite: you have a computer that does not require a lot of security, such as your young child’s computer that will ‘inherit’ an old Windows 10 computer. To prepare it you have to remove the old password, a process It is done in a few steps, which we will teach you next.

  • Go to Settings> Accounts> Login
  • Of all the sections, choose the password
  • Click on the option to change
  • Instead of filling in the new field, leave it blank
  • Accept and save changes

Now, the account of the user in question will not have a password and therefore you will have achieved your goal. This same process can be reversed following the same steps as before, but you only have to put your new password with the characters you want to put.

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So your machine will have a first security measure that, in the case of Windows 10, you can enter other functions such as a numeric pin or use a biometric input to enter, which is something impossible for the common user to replicate.


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