How to Delete Yahoo Mail, How to Close Yahoo Account?


We explained step by step the steps you need to take to close your Yahoo mail account and delete all your data. Yahoo has become less and less popular for some time due to security problems. How to delete Yahoo mail account?

Yahoo Mail has recently become an e-mail service that has raised concerns about security and has declined in popularity. The company announced that the account information of 1 billion users was stolen in 2013. Apart from that, it was announced by the company that 500 million user information was then stolen. So Yahoo is known as a very criminal e-mail service.

After these events, the popularity of Yahoo has decreased and caused security concerns for its users. Many users turned to Microsoft and Google’s e-mail services at that time. In this content, we have explained how they can do this for users who want to delete their accounts with Yahoo mail extension.

How to delete Yahoo mail account?
Go to the Yahoo mail login page,
Login with your e-mail and password,
Confirm your Yahoo mail address,
The process is complete, your Yahoo mail account is scheduled to be deleted.
1. Enter the Yahoo mail login page:
To perform a Yahoo mail account deletion, you must first go to the Yahoo mail login page here. You can log in directly to the account deletion page with the link. If you enter through its own site, you can access the same page from the account settings section. After clicking on the link we provided, you can login with your e-mail address and password with Yahoo mail extension.

2. Sign in with your email and password:
After clicking on the link, the page you entered first asks for your email address with Yahoo mail extension. If you have forgotten your e-mail address, you can click on the “Forgot Your Username” option. After entering your e-mail address, we say Next. Now you need to enter your Yahoo mail password. In this section, you can learn your password with the Forgot Your Password option.

After logging in, the page in the image above will come. After reading here, you need to click on “Continue deleting my account” below. It explains in detail what will happen when you delete your account in the text. Also, your account is deleted 30 days after doing this.

3. Verify Yahoo mail address:
After clicking on “Continue deleting my Yahoo mail account” you will be presented with a page where you need to verify your e-mail address. Here you have to enter your e-mail address with Yahoo mail extension. After typing in the address, you can click on “Yes, end this account”.

4. The process is complete, what happens now?
If you have successfully completed the operations, you will see the page in the image. All you have to do now is wait 30 days. When the time expires, all information about your Yahoo account will be deleted. For this reason, you should take a good look at what information to delete before doing all these operations. For example, if you have a Flickr account, you will no longer be able to login with Yahoo mail.

What information will be deleted after Yahoo mail deletion?
Your email address with Yahoo mail extension,
Address books registered in your account,
Your Flickr account,
Your Yahoo business data,
All emails you send or receive,
Your My Yahoo information,
Your HotJob information.
After the 30-day waiting period, all posts, contacts, data linked to your e-mail address will be deleted. Someone else can get the email address you deleted after a certain period of time. Apart from that, those who use Yahoo mail business account, all information about their business is deleted. That’s why you need to back up important information and emails before deleting.

Finally, your Flickr account will be deleted. Yahoo mail is mostly used for Flickr. If you have a Flickr account for this reason, unfortunately your account will be deleted after you delete your Yahoo mail account. At this point, we want to warn you about an important issue. According to the information on the Yahoo site, some information is stored even after account deletion. Especially those who use a paid service within Yahoo.

You need to log back into your account to undelete. You can use the website for this. You can also visit Google Play Store or App Store to download Yahoo mail from the application. You can also make Yahoo mail account settings from the application.

Yahoo mail deletion is done in this way. After following all the steps, there is a 30-day waiting period. This waiting period may vary by country. After your account is deleted, someone else can get the same name. Apart from that, almost all of your registered information is deleted. If you just bought a paid service, the information here is sometimes stored longer, depending on the circumstances.


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