How to delete tweets with TweetEraser


TweetEraser allows you to delete multiple tweets from an account directly in the browser, without having to install programs on Windows or MacOS. The online tool synchronizes the Twitter account and displays all user posts on the social network, including retweets and replies, allowing you to select and delete all the items you want at once.

It is also possible to search for keywords to find and remove only posts related to that subject. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to delete tweets with TweetEraser.

Step 1. Access TweetEraser ( and click on “Sign in with Twitter” to login;

Step 2. Enter your Twitter login and password and click on “Authorize application”, to allow the site to make changes to your account;

Step 3. See all your tweets on the screen, in chronological order. Mark the check “✓” on the items you want and click on “Delete Tweets”;

Step 4. Inform if you want to delete only the desired tweets or all the posts found. Confirm the action in “Delete now”;

Step 5. Use the “Search Term” field on the right side of the screen to type a keyword or term between your tweets. The results will appear immediately and you can quickly delete them, following the previous steps;

Take advantage of the tip to delete multiple tweets at once from your computer.


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