How to Delete a SoundCloud Account?


If you want to separate your paths with the SoundCloud platform that allows you to share the parts you produce as you wish and do not know how to do this, we told you step by step how to delete your SoundCloud account.

The platforms, which require us to register before we can log in, thus recognize their users and create a special profile for each of the users and create private areas. One of these platforms is the digital audio distribution platform SoundCloud. Unlike its competitors, even if you stop using SoundCloud, which offers a more free environment, your account continues to remain on the platform.

Just like other subscription platforms, you can delete accounts on SoundCloud. If you do not want to leave your personal data behind you, we will explain SoundCloud account deletions step by step.

How to delete SoundCloud account?

Access SoundCloud and login to your account,

Click on the three dots on the top right of the screen and then Settings on the bottom of the window that opens,

Click the Delete account button written in blue at the bottom of the page that opens,

A number of options will appear in front of you to choose why you want to close your account,

Find the one that suits you and then choose from these options

“Yes, I want to delete my account and all my content, such as parts, comments.” confirm option,

Click the orange Delete my account button to proceed.

That’s all you need to do. You will see a letter stating that your account has been successfully deleted. After completing this step, your account will be permanently deleted. After your account is deleted, all your data related to SoundCloud will be lost irreversibly.

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